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updated Monday, March 26, 2007 2:39 AM
Many works from my recent doodles live here, happily, on the internet. Please wait for the images to load if you're on a slow connection !!!  The story with these drawings??? Each piece graphically represents something that's happened within my environment; so, I guess you could say this is a diary of sorts. Drawing is an exercise in my daily meditation. Enjoy the art provided here, if you'd like to purchase a piece and support an artist - that would be awesome... If you'd like to use a piece for a specific purpose - contact me via ... all inquiries are welcome.


September 2004  FREE?

I consider this to be one of my masterpieces... the content of this piece is global in scale though it comes from my introspective view on capitalistic culture. You'll notice right away, the McDonald's logo - which actually serves as a head for the overweight figure that is conquering the world in the name of Christian Capitalism.

I consider myself a Christian but in no way support the way our so-called Christian Conservatives are using my religion to pre-emptively invade other countries. ANYWAY!, there's a question marrk after the word FREE dotted by a crying sun. The three wise men are marching toward the setting sun - with surfers riding tubes of pending legislation and slashes to our Constitution. See, I could go on and on.

With this piece, I will provide a detailed account of my thoughts behind this doodle-rama.

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September 2004  Skull Rider

The skull in the middle is holding a plug to the world. Just below his hand is a large dollar sign, which is made by the cord that winds down to the Earth and down to Florida - where the Kenedy Space Center is. The space shuttle is in this drawing too... along with a yin-yang sign signifying the good, the bad and the ugly going on in Iraq.... there's much more.... I might get to adding to the description later.

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September 2004  Bubble

This one has no reason, this one has no point, this one is just a doodle... enjoy

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September- 2004  Alachua County Choppers

So, I was drawing at the resaurant late in August 2004 and a guy comes in and starts talking about Harley Davidsons. Shortly after, he had me draw up a flyer for his business. Here it is......

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