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So, as promised I bring you my latest most creative-ist efforts direct from the ole sketchbook. If you click on the bright shiny image to the left, you'll get to where you may (or may not) want to go. May God be with you my child... leave this screen and enter my dimension...

Check out a sample of my new book, Document 2, and its evolution online!

Check it out when you get a chance! Oh, if you have some publishing connections, fill me in... I"m working on combining art with words; the end result is puzzling...

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has been in the internet development business since 1998 and can guarantee a creative solution to your web development needs. In fact, that's not all Agentmike does. Check out a couple past projects below...

VIDEO and Cinematography
Vicenza Institute of Architecture Documentary
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Bahamas Schematic Design Project
Center for Predictive Medicine


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May 2007

AuWorking... updating the website here and creating graphics for several businesses. I'm beginning a new freelance schedule as of now, May 2007, in addition to maintaining 6 e-commerce stores. If you or someone you know would like a website built, let me know. I'm taking orders. Contact me via phone: 352-246-1191 or via email: agentmikeproductions@yahoo.com

That about does it.


dedicated to grandpa andy...

Below are some pictures from the farm.

Thanks for checking out the site, visit again soon for updates...     Mike

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